Why I Started Biospan

I thought I was going to have no teeth by the time I was twenty.Like the majority of us, I grew up eating junk food, lots of fizzy drinks and completely neglecting my body. The concept that ‘food is medicine’ was ridiculous. “Pills are medicine”.

I thought I was going to have no teeth by the time I was twenty.

Like the majority of us, I grew up eating junk food, lots of fizzy drinks and completely neglecting my body. The concept that ‘food is medicine’ was ridiculous. “Pills are medicine”.

I was overweight, had severe hormonal imbalances, chronic stomach pains, swollen acne and asthma. I was constantly on antibiotics and prescription drugs, ‘just in case’.

In 2015, I sat in my dermatologist’s office, signing a contract, to waive all responsibility from the side effects of a drug, which would later ruin my life. This drug was called Roaccutane.

The same year, I began developing chronic bronchitis and was bedbound for half my holiday in Greece. Then, I was told by my dentist I would need my twelfth tooth filling and a root canal. My asthma got worse and worse, and my prescription inhalers were getting stronger and stronger… Much stronger.

I was terrified.


People ask me why I’m in love with Nutrition… Because she saved my life.

When the dentists delivered the news, I decided to quit sugar. At this point, I had already started bodybuilding, but now began exploring healthier foods such, as avocados and blueberries.

I spent the next few years discovering prolonged fasts and speed dating with different diets. I discovered organic foods, became fascinated by ancestral traditions, human evolution, and the importance of regenerative agriculture. My bookshelf couldn’t keep up.

I began reaching out to health experts all over the UK and came to shocking realisation. Our public health system is failing us, and nutritional practitioners are deeply undervalued.

We are living in the age of autoimmune disease, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, disease is only rising. Our life expectancy is going up, because we are being kept alive, not because we are living. No one is excited about growing old because we know the disabilities of aging.

We get prescribed drugs which cause complications down the line – a ‘band-aid’ to alleviate the symptoms we feel now, but not a solution to fix our root problems. We are often misdiagnosed, because we are only given five minutes to speak. Most medical professionals are never trained nutrition.


Food is Medicine, Not Pills. 

Nutrition is the biggest predictor of health. The food you eat creates every cell in your body. Eating the wrong foods causes damage to your gut, systemic inflammation and nutritional deficiencies. These factors are the root cause to all chronic disease. Unfortunately, this is not stressed in the public health system, and misinformation creates confusion.

I developed stones in my liver and gallbladder five years after taking Roaccutane. A heavy drug I was prescribed at sixteen for my acne. This is the reason I started Biospan.

I was experiencing extreme bloating, brain fog, anxiety and sharp pain all over my body and under my right rib. I read countless books and scoured the internet to find the root cause. I knew I had gallstones…

In April 2020, I visited my Doctor and told them I had gallstones and needed an ultrasound. Instead, I was given a blood test, which returned ‘satisfactory’ results. Now, I knew something was wrong.

In my next appointment I was refused an ultrasound and told to “Give up” because having health conditions like this were “normal”. Luckily, I managed to Karen myself into an ultrasound appointment.

I had my ultrasound, which showed nothing (cholesterol stones do not show up in ultrasounds). I told the Nurse “I’m doing a liver and gallbladder flush tonight” … “Is that a real thing” the nurse replied.

That night, I did my first liver and gallbladder flush. I flushed thousands of stones (some almost 2cm in diameter) and all of my symptoms cleared. The Doctors were speechless when I told them what happened.

My journey is not unique in the nutrition world. I’m just another person who’s been damaged by misinformation and afflicted with modern disease.

Now I use herbs to treat my asthma and eat a high fat animal-based diet, which has done wonders for my health. My skin is clear, I have a year-round six-pack, and most of all, my teeth are strong!

My dietary lifestyle helps me learn like a machine and perform like a superhuman.


A Superhuman Society

Society functions when everyone plays their role. You can specialise in one field and trust someone else for something you don’t know. Unfortunately, society is disconnected from the truth that health comes from food, not from medicine. We rely too much on the public health system, which has failed too many people, including myself.

The barrier to entry has become too high for the average person to achieve optimal health. There’s too much misinformation and disease is rising.

Our mission at Biospan is to make the perfect diet accessible to everyone. Our team is growing, and we are relentless in this journey. I work with nutritional therapists, and they change lives every day with natural interventions by fixing root cause issues. They deserve more recognition.

Our ancestors were the greatest people who ever lived. They built the future and pioneered humanity. Now it’s our turn to carry the torch and build something remarkable for the next generation.


How we can help with COVID

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