The barrier to entry for optimal health is too high. Our mission at Biospan is to make superhuman accessible to everyone.

Maximilian Burrell - CEO & Founder

Maximilian is a creative young entrepreneur, with a passion for nutrition, and a drive to learn more. It all started when he was thirteen, an overweight kid with thunder thighs, who’d stay up researching weight loss all night. Years later, after taking prescription drugs all his life and having continuous health complications, he took his health into his own hands by studying human nutrition, biology, and evolution. 

At twenty-one years-old, Maximilian discovered he had stones inside his liver causing many of his health problems. He developed these stones from a medication he took five years prior. 

By analysing the root cause of his health issues and using his knowledge from human biology and nutrition, Maximilian was able to fix his health problems through a personalised diet with high-quality natural foods. 

He discovered his brain worked faster, his sex drive improved, his skin started to glow, his performance and workout results skyrocketed, he felt happier, calmer, more resilient to stress, and more capable than ever before. He felt… superhuman.

I decided to build Biospan because the power of nutrition cannot be ignored. I wanted to build a food company that did not compromise on the importance of health. A company that made high-quality personalised nutrition accessible to anyone. Because, it’s changed my life, and the lives of the people around me.

Joanna Jankowska - Recipe Designer & Meal Planner

Joanna Jankowska is a cook and nutritionist with master degree’s in biology and dietetics. After moving from Poland to Netherlands, she started her own company, Foodie by Jo. She is now preparing delicious and healthy recipes for Biospan in addition to working as a cook in one of the popular restaurants in Den Haag. Thanks to her experience as a chef, she is transforming the delicious dishes served in restaurants to healthy personalised home meals for the customers of Biospan.

Before coming to the Netherlands, Joanna worked for 3 years as the main dietician and recipe developer in one of the top diet-catering companies in Poland (Maczfit). She demonstrated great creativity in setting up daily menus involving 50 recipes every day, which were then prepared for thousands of customers with different dietary needs. Not but least, she also conducted nutrition workshops in more than 20 cities in Poland as an effort to spread nutrition awareness to the population.

Joanna is a sport and nature enthusiast. Whenever there is an opportunity to have a time off, she enjoys canicross with her dogs and mountain hiking.

Henrietta Paxton - Head Nutritionist & Ex-International Athlete

Henrietta is a former international athlete for both Scotland and Great Britain. She
came to Nutritional therapy after a major sporting injury, from which she was told
she would not recover. Simultaneously her father died of liver cancer and she found
herself battling major injury and real emotional trauma. 18 months later, after some fundamental nutritional changes Henrietta competed for Scotland at her 2nd
Commonwealth Games. This experience gives Henrietta a deep understanding of the huge potential good nutrition holds to make life changing differences in health and performance.
Henrietta holds an MSc in Personalised Nutrition, a Nutritional Therapy Practice
Diploma, a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and a certificate in Integrated Sports
Nutrition. This ensures a robust understanding of the science and the interpretation of evidence-based nutrition for individuals. Henrietta is passionate about ancestral health and using real food to nourish the astonishing instrument that is the human body.