Marketing Wizard

Full Time – Bristol
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Who are We?

Our ancestors were the greatest people who ever lived. They built the future and pioneered humanity. It’s our turn to carry the torch, so the fire doesn’t burn out. 

Biospan is The Worlds First Bio-Cheffing service. We want to make super human health accessible to everyone.

We believe this is the most important food company in the world. This isn’t the work of just our team, this is the work of everyone that came before us. 

We deliver biomarker personalised meals to our customer every day and use diagnostic tests e.g. blood, microbiome and DNA. 

Each of us have a unique biology and require different foods to support our lifestyles. We offer a unique cheffing service personalised by registered nutritionists and dietitians. Our ingredients our 100% organic, our animals are grass fed & pasture raised, and our fish is wild.

Mother Nature has given us what we need to thrive. At BioSpan, we support the environment by working with regenerative agriculture farms, offering a plastic-free service and planting trees to combat excess CO2 emissions.

Biospan is a start-up. We are relentless in our values. 

Job Description

We are looking for someone who is passionate about what we do and stand for. Passionate about health, regenerative agriculture and building the future.

You need to be creative and able to create phenomenal marketing pieces that grip people and capture their emotions. This means graphics design, video editing and passion. And most importantly, copywriting.

We want you to help tell the story, and pass on the torch.


  • Lead Marketing Strategy.
  • Process Marketing Analytics.
  • Create Advertising Campaigns.
  • Manage SEO.
  • Manage and Design Website.
  • Manage and Grow Social Media.
  • Create and Manage Email Marketing and Campaigns.
  • Manage Blogs.
  • Gather Customer Research (Continuous Process)
  • Manage Copywriting and Content Creation
  • Co-ordinate Photography, videography, Content editing.
  • Create content calendars
  • PR and Corporate Communications
  • Design and Graphics.
  • Self-Management.
  • Designing Repeatable Marketing Processes to Reduce Labour Costs AKA Automate


  • 28 Days Paid Holidays (Based on a 40 Hour Workweek)
  • Some food (when we get up and running)
  • The experience of working in an incredible startup.
  • A chance to build the future and play your role in humanity.

Pay to be decided (plus share options)


Marketing Role for 3+ Years


How to Apply

Please fill out the form below, attach your CV and attach any marketing materials that will improve your odds of being chosen.

Application Form