Head of Nutrition

UK Based – Part Time
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Who are We?

Our ancestors were the greatest people who ever lived. They built the future and pioneered humanity. It’s our turn to carry the torch, so the fire doesn’t burn out. 

Biospan is The Worlds First Bio-Cheffing service. We want to make super human health accessible to everyone.

We believe this is the most important food company in the world. This isn’t the work of just our team, this is the work of everyone that came before us. 

We deliver biomarker personalised meals to our customer every day and use diagnostic tests e.g. blood, microbiome and DNA. 

Each of us have a unique biology and require different foods to support our lifestyles. We offer a unique cheffing service personalised by registered nutritionists and dietitians. Our ingredients our 100% organic, our animals are grass fed & pasture raised, and our fish is wild.

Mother Nature has given us what we need to thrive. At BioSpan, we support the environment by working with regenerative agriculture farms, offering a plastic-free service and planting trees to combat excess CO2 emissions.

Biospan is a start-up. We are relentless in our values. 

Job Description

We are looking for someone with deep knowledge and experience in a wide range of diets from vegan to carnivore, FODMAP, ketogenic, paleo, plant based, sport nutrition, longevity, diabetes, autoimmune disease… We are a personalised meal prep company and have clients who range from professional athletes to cancer patients.

We are also looking for someone with experience administering, analysing and successfully using biomarker testing in their practice. This will include DNA, microbiome and blood testing.

You will become our head nutritionist and play a major role in making real healthy food accessible for those who don’t have time.

We need you to have introductory consultations with our clients, answer any queries whilst they use our service and have follow up sessions when needed. You will also have the opportunity to help build BioSpan and grow with it. This includes assisting in a 3-year long study we are conducting to revolutionise personalised health.




  • Have nutritional consultations with our clients.
  • Create personalised nutrition plans for our clients in our template format.
  • Administer and co-ordinate biomarker testing for clients.
  • Read and review test results and adjust nutrition plans.
  • Make the client excited to start the service.
  • Maintain a consistent relationship with clients and address questions.
  • Work closely with our software technician to help build our software and provide relevant data.


  • You get a chance to change people’s live and pioneer health.
  • You will grow, learn new things and become a new person. This will be character building and life defining.
  • You can actually influence what people eat (we know what clients are like…)
  • You will be at the front of the worlds first bio-personalised meal delivery service.

To be decided (includes equity options)


  • Must have a minimum of 3 years practice.


  • MBANT, IFMCP and/or NTEC Equivalent

How to Apply

Please submit a covering letter and a CV using the form below.

  • MBANT, IFMCP and/or NTEC Equivalent

Application Form