Head Chef / Operations Manager

Bristol – Full Time/Part Time
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Who are We?

Our ancestors were the greatest people who ever lived. They built the future and pioneered humanity. It’s our turn to carry the torch, so the fire doesn’t burn out. 

Biospan is The Worlds First Bio-Cheffing service. We want to make super human health accessible to everyone.

We believe this is the most important food company in the world. This isn’t the work of just our team, this is the work of everyone that came before us. 

We deliver biomarker personalised meals to our customer every day and use diagnostic tests e.g. blood, microbiome and DNA. 

Each of us have a unique biology and require different foods to support our lifestyles. We offer a unique cheffing service personalised by registered nutritionists and dietitians. Our ingredients our 100% organic, our animals are grass fed & pasture raised, and our fish is wild.

Mother Nature has given us what we need to thrive. At BioSpan, we support the environment by working with regenerative agriculture farms, offering a plastic-free service and planting trees to combat excess CO2 emissions.

Biospan is a start-up. We are relentless in our values. 

Job Description

We are looking for an experience head chef with a passion in nutrition and food to join the BioSpan Team. BioSpan is as a start-up. And, if you have ever worked in a start-up, you know how crazy they can be. You must be excited by the adventure of building something from the start.

The BioSpan Team consists of hard-working people with the courage to think big. And, we love ‘all things health’. So, if you love eating healthy, working out and practicing mindfulness… Then you’ll fit right in.

We need you to be competent, proactive and experienced in the kitchen and working with other chefs. We need you to design and co-ordinate operational processes, handle all things food safety and help BioSpan grow. Mass personalisation of meals is complex. We need to grow, reduce costs and constantly improve the quality of our food. You will be given new recipes almost every day.

We are looking for someone who loves processes and operations. 

You will work closely with our nutritionists, recipe designers and software engineers to help improve the product and processes. We are a close-knit team. The first month or so will consist of planning, designing operations and co-ordinating suppliers. Then, we launch and it’s go-time.

This will be difficult. But, rewarding and exciting. You will be part of great team and play your role in changing the world.


  • Cook delicious personalised meals for our customers.
  • Take special care to make sure portions are accurate, and meals are correct.
  • Lead kitchen operations every day.
  • Manage HACCP and Food Safety.
  • Build and manage a kitchen team.
  • Accept Deliveries and communicate closely with suppliers.
  • Co-ordinate food Suppliers, kitchen supplies, packaging suppliers and delivery method.
  • Create processes to reduce costs in the kitchen.
  • Work closely with the software team to develop kitchen software to make process more efficient.
  • Make sure the kitchen is clean and meets food hygiene standards.
  • Create processes for growth and expansion.
  • Must be able to handle high pressure environments and meet company KPI’s.
  • Must be able to handle, co-ordinate and manage weekly growth of no. meals required.


  • You get a chance to change people’s live and pioneer health.
  • You will grow, learn new things and become a new person. This will be character building and life defining.
  • You will learn about nutrition and improving your health.
  • You will be given the opportunity to be creative and use your potential.
  • Opportunity to expand into larger or different roles.
  • Some free food (once we get up and running).
  • 28 day holiday (based on full time hours).

£8ph-£12ph (depends on experience) + Share Scheme


  • 3 Years Head Chef
  • Operational Experience


  • Food Hygeine Level 3
  • Any cooking qualifications are a plus

How to Apply

Please Submit a CV and a cover letter using the form below.

  • Food Hygeine Level 3
  • Any cooking qualifications are a plus

Application Form