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Functional Nutritional Therapist for Ancestral Health Start-up

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Who are We?

So, we want to make personalised nutrition accessible to everyone. But, the infrastructure doesn’t exist yet to support personalised diets. This frustrates us because it shouldn’t be so hard for the average person to be healthy. 

So, we’ve built a team of nutritional therapists, software engineers, recipe designers, and marketers. We’re all passionate about nutrition because it’s affected our lives.

We value functional medicine, regenerative agriculture, ancestral health, and simplicity. 

We are building the world’s first biocheffing service. 


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Right now, we’ve just launched our nutrition clinic, and we are growing it. 

If we can succeed in building our vision, then, personalised health will be accessible to the UK. If we fail, the future will not be as exciting. 

Biospan started with one person who had an idea… and, it grew to seven people working week in and out to make it happen. We care about each other and we care about Biospan. 


Job Description

We’re looking for someone who is passionate about evolutionary health and experienced in functional testing and nutritional therapy. You must be open to using technology and be result focused for our clients.

This is a maternity cover role, however, there could be an opportunity to stay on further. We are an innovative start-up with plans to expand.

You’ll be part of an exciting team during this period, and like everyone, you will experience personal growth.


  • Nutritional consultations with clients
  • Recommending functional tests and analysing them
  • Build personalised nutrition plans with a meal plan, meal ideas, and a supplement plan
  • Select relevant recipes for clients unique plans (recipes provided)
  • Communicate effectively with the client and the Biospan team
  • Use Biospan’s software to deliver nutrition plans.
  • You must be self managed and able to provide feedback to Biospan to keep developing our service.


  • Get to work in a start-up environment
  • Opportunity for personal growth
  • Possibly a larger position in the future

To be decided


3 years of Nutritional Therapy experience. And, full knowledge of ancestral health.



How to Apply

Please fill out the form below with a cover letter and CV.

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