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Nutritional Therapy for Type II Diabetes Mellitus

There is plenty of evidence in the scientific literature of subjects using lifestyle and nutritional interventions to reduce or come off diabetic medication and attain normal control of blood glucose. So if you’re seeing a consultant of any kind who says this is not possible – it’s time to find a different consultant.

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What is Ancestral Nutrition?

Though our cognitive abilities and potential for abstract thought set us apart from other animals, we shouldn’t be tricked into thinking that we are different in respect to how our genetics express themselves in with our environment. We are still animals, designed to thrive in our natural environment.

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How Nutrition Manipulates Our Genes

Evolutionarily speaking, every genetic polymorphism that exists must have conveyed evolutionary advantage at some point or it would not exist. For example, in the context of food scarcity, a gene that encourages calorie-dense food consumption may be an advantage.

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How we can help with COVID

This poses a huge challenge to western medicine which historically likes to work in silos, where you see a specialist for each separate area of the body. The multi-systems nature of ongoing Covid, whereby it seems to be common that symptoms will appear in one area only to subside and arise in a different system does not sit well within the framework of western medicine.

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Why I Started Biospan

I thought I was going to have no teeth by the time I was twenty.

Like the majority of us, I grew up eating junk food, lots of fizzy drinks and completely neglecting my body. The concept that ‘food is medicine’ was ridiculous. “Pills are medicine”.

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