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The World's Most Powerful Personalised Nutrition Platform

Upgrade your health, performance, and wellbeing through nutritional consultations and biomarker testing. 

Imagine healthcare through nutrition. Our service lets you speak with clinical nutritional therapists, order tests (e.g. blood), get a personalised nutrition plan, and track your health results. We take care of your nutrition, so you can live a full life with the gift of health. 

How we can help

Understand your unique biology.

If you're curious about your unique biology, we use questionnaires, nutritional consultations, and biomarker tests (e.g. blood tests) to understand how food and lifestyle affect your health. Then, we simplify this into plain English.

Upgrade your physical and mental performance

If you're looking to improve your focus, get extra reps, increase your speed... Then, we'll optimise your BioUnique Nutrition Plan for performance. Among our team, we have former international athletes. Performance is in the bloodline of Biospan.

Improve your health conditions

If you suffer from health conditions or have been recently diagnosed with an illness. We want to support you. Most health conditions are the result of incorrect diet and lifestyle. Our nutritionists are registered to treat health conditions, including, diabetes, autoimmunity, skin conditions, weight loss, IBS, and more. Your BioUnique Nutrition plan will be optimised to support your health conditions and/or recovery.

Improve your mental health

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, low energy, stress, mood disorders, or other mental health conditions. Adjustments to your diet and lifestyle could be the fix to your problems. Our registered nutritionists are clinically trained to improve mental health through food and lifestyle. Your BioUnique Nutrition Plan will be optimised to support your mental health.

How it Works


Book your first consultation when you sign up.

Then, fill out a form about your health, goals, and medical history.


Have a 1:1 consultation with your nutritional therapist.

We use Zoom video calls for our consultations, so you can have your consultation from anywhere.


Order your recommended biomarker tests.

We provide you a nutritional consultation before recommending any tests so you get the most value from our service as possible. We value your health, time, and money, and not all tests are right for everyone.


Get your BioUnique Nutrition Plan and discover your biology.

Your BioUnique Nutrition Plan includes a meal plan, supplement plan, starter recipe pack, and resources to explain what we have found out about you.

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Sign up below to be the first to experience our service.