Making you healthy in the easiest way possible.

Before you use our service, we need to know if we are suitable for each other. Please take our assessment.

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We care about your health and want to hear your whole story.

We ask you to fill out a questionnaire about your family’s health history, your health history, and where you want your health to go. Then, you’ll have a consultation with a registered nutritional therapist who will listen to you and learn about your health story. Our nutritional therapists are trained to find the root cause of your chronic illness and reverse your health conditions through nutrition. We check-in regularly, use state of the art tests, adapt your nutrition plan, and support you the whole way.

Actionable Health plan

Get a personalised nutrition plan which is easy to understand and implement. 

We’ll show you what to eat, where to shop, what supplements to buy, you will get recipes and meal ideas, and we’ll provide educational resources to help you understand your health. 

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Book appointments with nutritional therapists and order tests.

We don’t expect to you to know what you need. Our nutritional therapists are here to help and will recommend tests if needed (e.g. blood).

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Customer service by real life nutritionists.

If you have any questions about your nutrition plan, or you want to speak to someone, our nutrition team is here to support you.  

Our mission

To make superhuman health accessible to everyone.