The World’s First Biocheffing Service

Our mission is to make superhuman health accessible to everyone in the UK by 2030

Introduction to Biospan

Organic meals delivered to your door every day and personalised to your biology. 


The video below explains how our service works. 

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Ready Cooked

Our meals are designed by dietitians and cooked by gourmet chefs. We deliver it to your door every morning in time for your day. You heat your meals in the oven and enjoy high quality organic food designed to your biology. No more cooking, washing, shopping and meal planning.


Our produce is organic, our animals are grass-fed and our fish are wild. These foods are nutritionally superior because of the high quality soil they originate from. High quality nutrition is required for optimal health, performance and wellbeing. 

Bio Personalised to You

Biospan is the world’s first Biocheffing service. Our nutritionists deliver specialist consultations and administer biomarker tests to create a personalised nutrition plan for your lifestyle, goals and preferences. Then, we cook and deliver your food.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Biospan is a bespoke service, so the price differs for each person. The cost is calculated on the complexity of your requirements, the size of your meals and the contents of your meals. There is a delivery charge £8.99 per day for delivery. This is a monthly subscription service. 

You can book a free consultation to discuss your requirements.

Once you get started, you’ll have a lifestyle consultation with a registered nutritionist therapist to understand your personal nutritional requirements. From there, you will be recommended tests based on your needs. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to health. Some people require different tests to others because of health conditions or goals. 

However, you’re free to choose if you would like additional tests. Biopsan can provide a range of tests including DNA tests, organic acid tests, microbiome tests, blood tests, and more. 

For the time being, Biopsan will only deliver in London. 

Every delivery will include a coolbox/coolbag with all of your meals, snacks and drinks in glass tupperware dishes. This includes ice packs to keep your meals fresh. 

Your package will be left in a safe spot, or a location of your choice. Alternatively, you may provide the delivery team a spare key or code to ensure your delivery arrives safely. 

You will be required to leave the coolbox and glass dishes out for collection each day.

Biospan is committed to supporting the environment, and your support is an invaluable contribution to return our planet to homeostasis. 

You can flexibly add or remove meals from your plan by texting our customer support team within a reasonable period. Your payment will be adjusted accordingly. 

You may pause your plan by giving the customer support team one week’s notice. 

There is a one month enrolment period for all customers. After this month, two week’s notice is required to cancel the subscription.

No problem, a consultation will be arranged with a nutritionist to understand your plan and test results so you can be best supported.

If you have your own nutritionist, a call may be arranged to discuss your nutrition plan. 

Bios is the Ancient Greek word for life. 

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The History of Modern Medicine

In 19th century a French debate raged between two of the eras biggest intellectual heavyweights that would determine how we have practiced medicine for the last 150 years, and still do to this day.

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What is Ancestral Nutrition?

Though our cognitive abilities and potential for abstract thought set us apart from other animals, we shouldn’t be tricked into thinking that we are different in respect to how our genetics express themselves in with our environment. We are still animals, designed to thrive in our natural environment.

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How Nutrition Manipulates Our Genes

Evolutionarily speaking, every genetic polymorphism that exists must have conveyed evolutionary advantage at some point or it would not exist. For example, in the context of food scarcity, a gene that encourages calorie-dense food consumption may be an advantage.

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How we can help with COVID

This poses a huge challenge to western medicine which historically likes to work in silos, where you see a specialist for each separate area of the body. The multi-systems nature of ongoing Covid, whereby it seems to be common that symptoms will appear in one area only to subside and arise in a different system does not sit well within the framework of western medicine.

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Why I Started Biospan

I thought I was going to have no teeth by the time I was twenty.

Like the majority of us, I grew up eating junk food, lots of fizzy drinks and completely neglecting my body. The concept that ‘food is medicine’ was ridiculous. “Pills are medicine”.

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